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An outrageously funky Mr. Bongo favorite! This is a real garage-style nugget. This was, for many hip hop diggers, the entry point into the Angolan musician - the holy grail! Graças a Deus (thank God) Groovie Records is releasing this compacto (7-inch)! It is so hard to find the original!
(David Buttle - Mr. Bongo)

In Angola, in one way or another, Vum Vum is normally considered to be the father figure of the Angolan rock scene.

There has been a fair amount of tributes paid to the overwhelming uniqueness of Muzangola, his first EP, published in 1969 by Valentim de Carvalho. However, despite its release in Portugal, the record never saw wide distribution in its main 'metropolis'. Most copies traveled with the Portuguese diaspora, and the record became a cult holy grail highly sought by record collectors in Europe.

It's raw. It's emotional. It's heavy. It's short. This EP, of just four tracks, is full of emotion. Just listen to the crying shattering scream on Monami, and you will understand what we mean.

This Groovie Records' reissue is not only much welcomed, but, in this sense, brings due recognition for this masterpiece by the Angola Screamin' Jay Hawkins!

Learn more about this hidden gem in the extensive liner notes included with the record!

This is a limited edition reissue, including 100 copies in green wax and the remainder in black wax!

A1: Muzangola
A2: Monami
B1: Xé-Xé-Xé Kangrima
B2: Porquê Viver Sem Você

Executive Producer: Edgar Raposo (Groovie Records, Portugal)
Licensed: Manuel Rosário das Neves

Releases February 10, 2021! Preorder the record here!

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