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Felipe Zangrandi, along with Tiago Tellini, had the video show Circo Circuito for a couple of years. They had a vital role in spreading and uncovering the Brazilian 60's Garage and Psychedelic scene.

Recently, Felipe started a new project titled Trilhas Podcast. This audio series allows space to the host to focuses even more in-depth on the Aladin cave of the Brazilian underground 60's scene, adding a substantial amount of information that would be usually left out in other formats. Felipe wants to find lost heroes and musicians, discovering and unveiling unknown records, the stories behind the recordings, and the crazy adventures that shaped what today is described eclectically as Brazilian music.

The show is in Portuguese, but the music is universal. We have the pleasure to spread the word for this here at Groovie Records with one of our favorite episodes.

The Trilhas podcast's mission is to rescue musical recordings and cultural movements from past times, bringing to the surface musicians and their compositions through the various interviews and meetings that I carry out. Many of these artists did not have due recognition during their era. I will retell their stories, through the protagonists themselves, or through the extensive research I have done over the decades.

The aim is to reconstruct the memories and bring this forgotten culture to a younger, interested, and homesick public. Additionally, I want to present diverse initiatives that influence and enrich our music.

Trilhas, the Portuguese word for trails, are winding and ancient paths that keep unforgettable memories. They can appear on any terrain and disappear without a trace.

Avoid the comfortable paved streets and join us in this podcast for a new and unexpected adventure every month. We will dive together in this vast universe of vinyl records that hold fantastic music that is generally ignored by the mass media.

Follow this trail...

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