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Eduardo Morais (Aka Death Disco Disaster) is our new guest for the monthly mixtape. He is a long time Groovie friend and one of the most prolific musical archeologists and DJs in Portugal.

Edu' is widely known in the underground Lisbon scene. His musical sets range from deep Arabic hidden grooves to the unknown Portuguese music - from Fuzz to the early Electronica.

He belongs to this generation's personages that paved a path in several underground musical movements. Notably, his interest extends deeper than the "track" itself. Edu' has explored his curiosity as a fertile film director, producing acclaimed cult documentaries such as Música Em Pó or Meio Metro de Pedra. Currently, he is a collaborator with Rimas E Batidas, and the founder of Unha, a social project focused on helping and paying assistance to artists in need because of the COVID-19 circumstances.

As a late teen, more than a decade ago, the Mod movement was a big part of my early DJing mainly due to the obscure and unheard music that every DJ could bring to his/her own set.

It was not about the rarest records or the most expensive OG, but the unknown groovy b-side. It was not about Chelsea boots or snob attitudes from white people towards black music, but the freedom of dancing to unfamiliar tracks.

The conflict between both sides of the movement made me withdraw from it and look into other genres besides Soul, Psychedelia, or Garage, as well as other latitudes, especially from the non-aligned countries. Nonetheless and because music doesn’t get worse because of its audience, this mixtape is kind of a thank you to Groovie Records for all the learning moments from that period of my life, and a celebration of Northern Soul in such a harsh moment for Afro-American musicians.

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