We love to release records and we love to sell them.
If you want to resell our editions please get
in touch for wholesale prices.

Who qualifies for wholesale pricing? 
Stores, distributors, mailorders, table sellers…
Anyone who want to resell our records.

Ship Methods? 
We ship mostly with CTT and
DPD (with tracking number). 
Get in touch for shipping quote.

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GUERSSEN (SP) www.guerssen.com

CLEAR SPOT (NL) www.clear-spot.nl

SOUNDFLAT (DE) www.soundflat.de

DISKUNION (JP) www. diskunion.net

FOREVER CHANGES (SP) www.munster-records.com

CARGO RECORDS (DE) www.cargo-records.de

LOCOMOTIVA (BR) www.locomotivadiscos.com.br

MELOMANO DISCOS (BRwww.melomano.com.br