The Dark Horse Years 1976 - 1992

George Harrison

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ARTIST: George Harrison
TITLE: The Dark Horse Years 1976 - 1992
LABEL: Parlophone
FORMAT: CD, Album, Remastered, Copy Protected, CD, Album, Remastered, Copy Protected, CD, Album, Remastered, Copy Protected, CD, Album, Remastered, Copy Protected, CD, Album, Remastered, Copy Protected, 2xSACD, Album, Hybrid, Multichannel, RemasteredCopy Protected, DVD, DVD-Video, PAL, Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
RELEASED: 2004-02-24

STYLES: Pop Rock, Classic Rock

MEDIA: Near Mint (NM or M-)
SLEEVE: Mint (M)

Thirty Three & 1/3
CD1-1 Woman Don't You Cry For Me
CD1-2 Dear One
CD1-3 Beautiful Girl
CD1-4 This Song
CD1-5 See Yourself
CD1-6 It's What You Value
CD1-7 True Love
CD1-8 Pure Smokey
CD1-9 Crackerbox Palace
CD1-10 Learning How To Love You
CD1-11 Tears Of The World
George Harrison
CD2-1 Love Comes To Everyone
CD2-2 Not Guilty
CD2-3 Here Comes The Moon
CD2-4 Soft-Hearted Hana
CD2-5 Blow Away
CD2-6 Faster
CD2-7 Dark Sweet Lady
CD2-8 Your Love Is Forever
CD2-9 Soft Touch
CD2-10 If You Believe
CD2-11 Here Comes The Moon (Demo Version)
Somewhere In England
CD3-1 Blood From A Clone
CD3-2 Unconsciousness Rules
CD3-3 Life Itself
CD3-4 All Those Years Ago
CD3-5 Baltimore Oriole
CD3-6 Teardrops
CD3-7 That Which I Have Lost
CD3-8 Writing's On The Wall
CD3-9 Hong Kong Blues
CD3-10 Save The World
CD3-11 Save The World (Demo Version)
Gone Troppo
CD4-1 Wake Up My Love
CD4-2 That's The Way It Goes
CD4-3 I Really Love You
CD4-4 Greece
CD4-5 Gone Troppo
CD4-6 Mystical One
CD4-7 Unknown Delight
CD4-8 Baby Don't Run Away
CD4-9 Dream Away
CD4-10 Circles
CD4-11 Mystical One (Demo Version)
Cloud Nine
CD5-1 Cloud 9
CD5-2 That's What It Takes
CD5-3 Fish On The Sand
CD5-4 Just For Today
CD5-5 This Is Love
CD5-6 When We Was Fab
CD5-7 Devil's Radio
CD5-8 Someplace Else
CD5-9 Wreck Of The Hesperus
CD5-10 Breath Away From Heaven
CD5-11 Got My Mind Set On You
CD5-12 Shanghai Surprise
CD5-13 Zig Zag
Live In Japan
CD6-1 I Want To Tell You
CD6-2 Old Brown Shoe
CD6-3 Taxman
CD6-4 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
CD6-5 If I Needed Someone
CD6-6 Something
CD6-7 What Is Life
CD6-8 Dark Horse
CD6-9 Piggies
CD6-10 Got My Mind Set On You
CD7-1 Cloud 9
CD7-2 Here Comes The Sun
CD7-3 My Sweet Lord
CD7-4 All Those Years Ago
CD7-5 Cheer Down
CD7-6 Devil's Radio
CD7-7 Isn't It A Pity
CD7-8 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
CD7-9 Roll Over Beethoven
The Dark Horse Years 1976 - 1992
DVD-1 Dark Horse Feature
DVD-2 Introduction
DVD-3 This Song
DVD-4 Introduction
DVD-5 Crackerbox Palace
DVD-6 Introduction
DVD-7 Faster
DVD-8 Introduction
DVD-9 Set On You (Version I)
DVD-10 Set On You (Version II)
DVD-11 Introduction
DVD-12 When We Was Fab
DVD-13 Introduction
DVD-14 Introduction
DVD-15 This Is Love
Selections From Live In Japan
DVD-16 Introduction
DVD-17 Taxman
DVD-18 Introduction
DVD-19 Cloud 9
DVD-20 Introduction
DVD-21 Devil's Radio
DVD-22 Introduction
DVD-23 Cheer Down
Selections From The Movie 'Shanghai Surprise'
DVD-24 Introduction
DVD-25 Shanghai Surprise
DVD-26 Introduction
DVD-27 Someplace Else
DVD-28 Introduction
DVD-29 Hottest Gang In Town


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