12 Sonatas Op.2.

Antonio Vivaldi Played By Dénes Kovács, János Sebestyén & Mária Frank

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ARTIST: Antonio Vivaldi Played By Dénes Kovács, János Sebestyén & Mária Frank
TITLE: 12 Sonatas Op.2.
LABEL: Qualiton
CAT: SLPX 11387-88
TYPE: Vinyl
FORMAT: LP, Stereo
COUNTRY: Hungary
RELEASED: 1968-03-20

GENRE: Classical
STYLES: Baroque

MEDIA: Near Mint (NM or M-)
SLEEVE: Very Good Plus (VG+)

No. 1 In G Minor
A1a I. Preludio. Andante
A1b II. Giga. Allegro
A1c III. Sarabanda. Largo
A1d IV. Corrente. Allegro
No. 2 In A Major
A2a I. Preludio A Capriccio. Presto
A2b II. Corrente. Allegro
A2c III. Adagio
A2d IV. Giga. Allegro
No. 3 In D Minor
A3a I. Preludio. Andante
A3b II. Corrente. Allegro
A3c III. Adagio
A3d IV. Giga. Allegro
No. 4 In F Major
B1a I. Preludio. Andante
B1b II. Allemanda. Allegro
B1c III. Sarabanda. Andante
B1d IV. Corrente. Presto
No. 5 In B Minor
B2a I. Preludio. Andante
B2b II. Corrente. Allegro
B2c III. Giga. Presto
No. 6 In C Major
B3a I. Preludio. Andante
B3b II. Allemanda. Presto
B3c III. Giga. Allegro
No. 7 In C Minor
C1a I. Preludio. Andante
C1b II. Allemanda. Allegro
C1c III. Corrente. Allegro
No. 8 In G Major
C2a I. Preludio. Largo
C2b II. Giga. Presto
C2c III. Corrente. Allegro
No. 9 In E Minor
C3a I. Preludio. Andante
C3b II. Capriccio. Allegro
C3c III. Giga. Allegro
C3d IV. Gavotta. Presto
No. 10 In F Minor
D1a I. Preludio. Largo
D1b II. Allemanda. Allegro
D1c III. Giga. Allegro
No. 11 In D Major
D2a I. Preludio. Andante
D2b II. Fantasia. Presto
D2c III. Gavotta. Allegro
No. 12 In A Minor
D3a I. Preludio. Largo
D3b II. Capriccio. Presto
D3c III. Grave
D3d IV. Allemanda. Allegro


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