Outros Espaço

Rodrigo Brandão, Sun Ra Arkestra, The

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ARTIST: Rodrigo Brandão, Sun Ra Arkestra, The
TITLE: Outros Espaço​
LABEL: Comets Coming
CAT: CC101
TYPE: Vinyl
FORMAT: LP, Album, Club Edition, Limited Edition, Stereo, Spl Clear, Black, Red
COUNTRY: Portugal
RELEASED: 2021-07-17

GENRE: Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Funk / Soul, Non-Music
STYLES: Spoken Word, Space-Age, Sound Poetry, Latin Jazz, MPB, Free Jazz, Jazzy Hip-Hop

MEDIA: Mint (M)
SLEEVE: Mint (M)

A1 Quando os orixás desfilam sobre a Cracolândia
Tudo noiz
Eu sou 1 instrumento
Salute the sun
Quantos Coltrane...?
Jamais nos esqueceremos
Todo dia tem +
B4 O sol da meia noite
Delegados de folguinha
(Essa noite) a casa é nossa

The edition that marks the start of the brand-new Comets Coming, a label linked to Groovie Records and A Traineira, could not be more suitable: it is that Rodrigo Brandão, like his grandfather Herman Poole Blount, dust of stars that the world knows as Sun Ra, may have his feet on the Earth, but he has definitely a sidereal head.

Brandão arrived recently to Portugal, but already left a strong mark in the most adventurous Lisbon scene, having performed several concerts in which his language has been wrapped in the exploratory sounds of musicians such as Rodrigo Amado, João Valinho, and Hernâni Faustino. The agitator, poet and spoken word artist, brought a vast experience that over the years saw him collaborate with artists as distinct as the members of Metá Metá or Prince Paul (that one!) on BROOKZILL!.

This release represents an outstanding endeavor in musical archaeological that took us eight years to pull it off. Finally, the much-sought after music of these talented Nicaraguan will be available again on vinyl.

This work, however, came in his luggage, across the ocean, on the rediscovery trip that brought him from Brazil to Lisbon. OUTROS ESPAÇO was recorded in São Paulo in late 2019 with a luxury crew: Tulipa Ruiz and Juçara Marçal added to the microphone, Thiago França played flute and alto & tenor saxophones, Guilherme Granado dealt with the synthesizers and effects, Marcos Gerez measured the overall pulse with his electric bass, Thomas Rohrer played soprano and 'rabeca' (fiddle), and Paulo Santos dealt with the percussion. In addition to the base band, OUTROS ESPAÇO also features some members of Sun Ra Arkestra's current incarnation. Respectively: Danny Thompson (RIP) on baritone and bongo, Elson Nascimento on 'surdo' (tom drum), Knoel Scott on tenor and soprano, with the giant Marshall Allen in a prominent role leading the collective towards the unknown, while playing the alto sax and synthesizer.

In OUTROS ESPAÇO, Brandão reaches for words from different origins, from contrasting times and cultures, all with magnetic resonance imaging: what is not from his furrow comes to him from Candomblé (“Quando Os Orixás Desfilam Sobre A Cracolândia”), from his readings of Sun Ra (“Eu Sou 1 Instrumento” is an adaptation of the poem I Am An Instrument), or from the school's playgrounds (“Jamais Nos Esqueceremos”). And in these words there are teeth and nails ingrained in injustice (“Quantos Coltrane...?, “Todo o Dia Tem +”) and kaleidoscopic delusions that result from the speed of light (“Sol da Meia Noite”).

The crew that travels through these OUTROS ESPAÇO (PT for "Other Spaces") has freedom as the main fuel, jazz as a measure of their reach, and all swings in the world as maps, so they can lose themselves at the end of the cosmos. There is urgency and reflection, craziness and precision, surprise and well-known ancestral raw material, that makes us vibrate inwardly with the same trembling as the comets that are coming.

The visionary and veteran Scotty Hard was responsible for making everything sound like the music of the spheres, dealing with the mixing from his INGUASONIC SOUND studio in Brooklyn, NY.

And lastly, in January, Rob Mazurek, another frequent ally of Brandão, another notorious space traveler, offered a poem that frames this project. Among other things, he writes:

Make this place sing
Make this place thunder
Make this place shake

It couldn't be in any other way.

Produced by Brandão
Edited, arranged & mixed by Scotty Hard at INGUASONIC SOUND, Brooklyn, New York
Artwork by Marija Reikalas
Recorded live at Sesc Bom Retiro (São Paulo, Brazil), in October 06 / 2019.

All lyrics by Brandão, except for Quando Os Orixás Desfilam Sobre A Cracolândia traditional Candomblé chants – public domain), Eu Sou 1 Instrumento (adapted from the poem I Am An 
All music by everyone in the line-up.

Twice the first time: a handful of free improv sessions, throughout a lyrical path, whose nightcap was taped in surreal time, naturally on a Sunday.

Both Tulipa Ruiz and Juçara Marçal added to the microphone, Thiago França on flute and alto & tenor saxophones, Guilherme Granado on synthesizers and effects, Marcos Gerez on electric bass, Thomas Rohrer on soprano and 'rabeca' (fiddle), and Paulo Santos on percussion; along the remaining core members of the mythical Sun Ra Arkestra. Respectively: Danny Thompson (RIP) on baritone sax and bongo, Elson Nascimento on 'surdo' (tom drum), Knoel Scott on tenor and soprano, with the giant Marshall Allen at the front, on alto sax and synth, leading the collective, conducting the stream of consciousness.

“Play what you don’t know.”

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