The Dirty Coal Train - Primitive LP

The Dirty Coal Train - Primitive LP
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After the last double album filled with “who’s who” of the Portuguese garage punk scene the band turns 180 degrees and point in another direction: a new LP as a power trio recorded in 2 days in São Paulo, Brasil while touring south America. Mostly recorded live in studio with vocal overdubs.
The duo took some ideas on demo to work with Marky Wildstone (drummer from the Dead Rocks, one of the first surf rock bands from Brasil and from the The Mings, a power trio featuring Dead Elvis and Hipbone Slim) record everything as raw as possible with Luís Tissot (that has credits as producer and musician in the lo-fi and garage punk Brazilian and Argentinian scene with names such as: Backseat Drivers, Human Trash, Jazz Beat Committee, Jesus & The Groupies, Thee Dirty Rats, Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama,… ). Only exception for “dead end street” in wich Ricardo took some notes from his Suicide LPs and replaces Marky’s drums with a cheap drum machine. Some of the tracks reflect the political turmoil in the country while recording: “Ronda da noite”, “Gunpowder”, “selvajaria” or even with fake-ballads like “the boy with the jello heart” and “crooked games”.
Also included are four covers of original tracks by The Shandells, Dead Moon, Thee Mighty Caesars and Murphy & the Mob. Those who know the band’s work wont get disappointed: In general a much more raw approach to garage, rock&roll and punk than the last double LP. Like the 2 albums are different sides of the same coin and maybe that explains why the band asked again for the Artwork by Olaf Jens.

1. go go gorilla (the Shandells) 01:47
2. at the talent show 01:56
3. robot life 02:24
4. Selvajaria 00:15
5. weird shit 01:49
6. lazercunt / dildo cop 01:51
7. all the best cowboys have daddy issues01:38
8. Antsville Anxiety Attack 02:56
9. Terra Indigena 00:33
10. the boy with the jello heart 02:37
11. teenage caveman 02:27
12. curse of Montezuma 01:24
13. gunpowder 01:02
14. psychedelic nightmare (Dead Moon)02:47
15. the ballad of Rev. Jesse 02:08
16. dead end street 02:06
17. crooked games 02:09
18. chainsaw go-go girls 01:48
19. singing worms in space 02:36
20. ronda da noite 02:35
21. (Miss America) Got To Get You Outside My Head (Thee Mighty Caesars) 01:32
22. Born Loser (Murphy and the Mob)02:06

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