The Dirty Coal Train - Portuguese Freak Show 2xLP

The Dirty Coal Train - Portuguese Freak Show 2xLP
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During the years between their childhood and adulthood they dreamed of and hoped to enter the restricted group of chosen creators getting stuck in the clutches of the distance and desolate winds of their native land.
For the past seven years, they have independently traveled  the lands and habitats of the selected few, meeting countless artisans of the creative process with whom they shared their love and commitment to art (sometimes for this very same reason they were called "amateurs") and learned that they were trying to incarnate what was, for them, a distant and meaningless word. So, they chose to walk this parallel world where they were accepted as equals, away from a world that separates recognized creators from amateurs ... the "chosen ones" from the freaks !
 Double LP released by Groovie Records and Garagem Records. 
Recorded at Golden Pony, Lisbon and Estudio King, Barreiro.
Artwork : Olaf Jens. Produced by Ricardo Ramos and Beatriz Rodrigues.
With special guests: Carlos Mendes (Tédio Boys, The Parkinsons, Twist Connection), Nick Nicotine (The Act-Ups, Ballyhoos), Victor Torpedo (The Parkinsons, Subway Riders), Ondina Pires (The Great Lesbian Show, Pop Dell'Arte), Fast Eddie Nelson (Big River Johnson, Fast Eddie & the Riverside Monkeys), Captain Death (Tracy Lee Summer), Mário Mendes (Conan Castro & the Moonshine Piñatas), Old Rod Coltrane (Puny e ex-the Dirty Coal Train), Miss Volatile (DeCanja), Johnny Intense (The Act-Ups), Ana Banana (Cabeça de Peixe, Dirty Coal Train), Sérgio Lemos (Great Lesbian Show, Dr Frankenstein, Canal Caveira), Stephane Alberto (Canal Caveira, Duendes do Umbigo), Jorge Trigo (Quarto Fantasma), Carlos Dias (Subway Riders, Wipeout Beat), Eduardo Vinhas (Pop Dell'Arte), Ricardo Martins (Lobster, Jiboia, Pop Dell'Arte)... among others.
Covers of original songs by: Residents, Richard & the Young Lions, The Standells, Marti Barris, The Animals and Beat Happening.

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