The Cavestompers - Introducing... (LP)

The Cavestompers - Introducing... (LP)
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It’s great to hear a brand new record that gives off electric sparks and a palpable sense of the teenage spirit that lies behind all great rock’n’roll sounds.

The Cavestompers!,  six guys of Russian origin,  from the city of Moscow,  affirm these essential qualities more than most on today’s scene. Indeed,  such emanations seem to flow freely from them,  bringing forth a vital freshness and bold sustenance to the world of the modern beat groove.

On this,  their debut long- player,  “Introducing…”,  The Cavestompers! have woven together a truly fine tapestry of sounds -  much of it resonating from the valves of vintage ‘Eastern Bloc’ electronic technology,  and instrumentation -  breathing new life into familiar noises; building a thumping,  swaggering collection of authentic future dance- party favourites in the process. The influence and style of punk rock isn’t so far away,  and hand in hand with the proclamations of the original Rolling Stones- era have been bound together in The Cavestompers!’ style to form what we can term today as ‘the new breed’.

So without any further ado,  crank up your music machine,  cue the disc and let your hips shake,  your bootheels stomp and your head swirl,  for as the boys in the band are proud to shout out loud: “we all can’t stop the stomp”!  Lenny Helsing

The record came with a beautifull two sided insert print,  photos of the Russian instruments and studios and photos of the band. Limited to 500 copies.

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