The Bubbles - Raw and unreleased (LP)

The Bubbles - Raw and unreleased (LP)
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Groovie Records has the pleasure to present THE BUBBLES. Originally from Brazil,  this beat band was the first incarnation of the legendary psych group A BOLHA.
'' Raw and Unreleased''  contains their only 45 from 1966,  featuring a superb Portuguese sung cover of The Shakers '' Break it all'' ,  plus unreleased studio tracks recorded between 1966 and 1969,  including some Beatles and Yardbirds covers and a couple of tracks taken from a rare film soundtrack which shows the transition from garage- beat to a more hard psych sound.

As a bonus,  two tracks taken from the fantastic first single recorded as A BOLHA from 1971 are included. Remastered sound and insert featuring liner notes and rare pics.


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